Welcome to Beyond Betty

dv1954050Beyond Betty facilitates conversations and experiences that support professional women in the Denver Metropolitan area who serve people in addiction recovery.

Beyond Betty carries out its mission to create new possibilities for women in recovery in a couple of ways:

First, through a variety of  Chats, Beyond  Betty connects professional women who are eager to engage in self-care and live a rich life.  These Chats are gentle, facilitated discussions with a variety of facilitators that support women as they discover and authentically explore the grand possibilities for their lives.

Second, Beyond Betty supports women who work as health and healing practitioners through opportunities for connection, self-care and learning.  These events are designed to bring practitioners together to spend time with others who understand on-the-job challenges.


We believe that a new recovery movement can be created when people get together to talk in authentic ways. These conversations, whether one-on-one, or between small or large groups of participants, can create solid structures for recovery support management.  Ultimately, this will reduce the stigma associated with addiction and recovery, simply by bringing more voices to the discussion.


Beyond Betty. . . we have much more to talk about than just addiction.