About Betty

Behind Beyond Betty

Beyond Betty came from  recovery journeys that Allison Harden and her friend, Lorie Obernauer, describe as sometimes difficult, but joyful when shared with the loving support of others.  They filled their recoveries from addiction to alcohol with renewal and growth: the twin foundations upon which Beyond Betty is based.

But Who’s Betty?

Think for a moment about all the iconic Bettys we know. . . some real and some fictional:

  • Betty Friedan, feminist, The Feminine Mystique author, and the first president of NOW
  • Betty White, comedienne, actress, author, and animal health advocate
  • Betty Ford, former first lady, ERA activist, and advocate for breast cancer awareness and addiction treatment
  • Betty Grable, actress, singer, dancer, and pinup girl
  • Betty Suarez, heroine of the TV series Ugly Betty struggling to be her own woman
  • Betty Crocker a cultural icon, brand name, and “the homemaker’s homemaker”
  • Betty Boop, an animated cartoon character seemingly on the other side of the spectrum

At Beyond Betty, we believe women are all of these Bettys rolled into one: inspirational, brilliant, sexy, sassy, nurturing, humorous, powerful and feminine.

Allison - single BB

Executive Director Allison Harden

Allison was born in the great state (we dare you to say otherwise) of Nebraska, where she put her work ethic to good use working in her grandfather’s John Deere store. Mentored by two wonderful, strong grandmothers, she learned to seize life by the lapels and never look back.

She’s no stranger to defying the odds. She married her best friend, Jeff, after meeting him in a bar. (Really!) After living in addiction for some time, they started their recovery journeys in a 12-step program on the same day in 1987. Today she looks forward to growing old with Jeff (on beautiful golf courses) and enjoying time with their children Riley and Sevi.

It’s Allison’s mission to share a life of self- care, renewal and growth with the community at  Beyond Betty.

You: Our Next Betty

Sharing new adventures with other women in recovery will give you an added measure of support. Many of our members have longed for a safe place where they could grow, mold a better life, and look to the future with other women who are seeking the same goals. Beyond Betty does just this—we’re about creating opportunities for women in recovery to share the journey of true growth and change.