For Health and Healing Practitioners

Beyond Betty is dedicated to supporting a community of professional women that serves people in recovery.  We believe that this community is most dynamic when these women have support from other women who work within the field.  Since we began, women who work in all levels of the recovery continuum of care have been drawn to our community.    Women who are therapists, doctors, interventionists, nurses as well as practitioners in integrative therapies and healing practices: yoga, massage, reiki, acupuncture, meditation, etc., are all welcome to participate in the Beyond Betty community.

As health and healing practitioners, we often interact with clients who are enmeshed in their diseases. We may be isolated throughout the workday. At the end of day, we are often too tired to engage in the self-care practices that we suggest to our clients. Many of us crave support from like-minded women and colleagues who understand the daily challenges we face.

When you participate in Beyond Betty, you’ll be supported as you make empowering choices, realign your authentic self with the way you live your life, rediscover your interests and passions, and live fully with confidence, creativity, peace and harmony.


By creating a dynamic partnership with practitioners and organizations who support women in recovery, Beyond Betty is pioneering a unique service in the world of addiction recovery. The wisdom of 12-step programs that recognizes the importance of community, coupled with the expertise, techniques and tools offered by health and healing practitioners is an innovative paradigm that supports women as they strive to maintain and sustain their recovery in our fast-paced, often stressful world.